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A little bit of Momo time !

That fluffy tail in my face was familiar, sweeping against my nose over and over again, smelling like dust. As a cat owner, I was used to waking up in this way, my furry roommate, Momo, sprawled out on my chest, waiting for me to feed her. But only the tail was familiar, the actual weight seemed way off. Whatever was on top of me was making it next to impossible to breathe. I raised my head as much as I could, and looking down my chest, my eyes fell on a very unfamiliar sight. Instead of a fuzzy cat butt, I was looking at a large pair of womanly cheeks, peach-like, gleaming in the light of the sun. Between them, a lily-white starfish. Beneath that, the bottom of a pair of labia just barely in view, rubbing against the blanket, lips plump and smooth. Two long legs were spread, the knees on my shoulders. Just over the horizon of the cheeks, the base of the black tail, still sweeping back and forth like a pendulum.

I laid my head back, my mind somehow a raging storm of confusion and questions, yet simultaneously blank. My first thought was the obvious: this had to be a dream. I closed my eyes and scanned my brain for the usual signs of sleeping, such as the absence of memory within a dream, but my mind seemed to be functioning normally. I even remembered going to bed the previous night.

But maybe there really was a girl in my bed and I was just imagining the tail, or perhaps dreaming it. Nope, I was now fully awake. So, there is a naked girl in my bed and she has a tail. Actually, forget the tail for now. Who's this girl? Did she break into my house? Is she a stalker? I'd like to think I'd know if I had a stalker, maybe get some crazy love letters or see someone rooting through my garbage. I'm a nice guy, I deserve a stalker. Maybe she's it and she decided to take the plunge. She broke into my house, drugged me, and the tail I'm seeing is just a hallucination. It was time to face this intruder.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed the girl to the side and rolled out of bed. "Who the hell are you?!" I yelled, getting to my feet.

Now with some distance, I was able to see this girl completely. She appeared 18 and was quite lovely, tall and slender, raven-haired with good-sized breasts and beautiful face. Aside from her long black locks, the only hair on her body was on her tail, still swishing, and… her ears. On top of her head were two cat ears, each as large as the palms of her hands. For a moment, I thought they were fake, but they looked as real as the rest of her and even twitched.

She didn't really seem startled by me pushing her off or yelling. She simply rolled onto her back and stretched. "Master, Momo wants food," she whined.


Her blunt words were like a slap in the face.

"Momo wants breakfast. Feed Momo."

"Who are you?" I asked again as she continued to stretch.

Finally, she looked up at me and smiled, flashing a pair of gleaming feline eyes. "Momo is Momo."

I slowly reached out to touch her head, feel her ears. She met me halfway, pressing her forehead against my hand and rubbing against it like a table corner. I felt the triangular ears poking out from her long hair, finding no seam or line to suggest they had been glued on or were fake in any way. The touching of her ears made her purr, a genuine cat purr, and it increased in volume as I moved down and felt the sides of her head. She lacked human ears, the sides of her head completely flat, save for a slight crease running up to join the edges of the cat ears. With my other hand, I felt her tail, as soft and bushy as the night before, but now bigger. I followed it to its base, just above her rear, and again found that it was perfectly merged with her body, protruding from right where the tailbone would be.

The more I touched her, the more she purred, and seeing the pleasure on this naked woman's face as I caressed her was turning me on. I was already sporting a tent in my boxers, but this stranger didn't seem to care, or even realize what it was.

"This is impossible," I gasped, "you're really Momo."

"Momo is Momo, Master."

"How is this happening?"

"Don't know, don't care. Too hungry. Time for breakfast!"

I walked over to the window, looking up at the sky. No balls of fire were falling from the clouds, no black hole sending the raptured souls to Heaven, no signs that the world was coming to an end or experiencing some kind of shift in reality. Was this like that show 'Wilfred'? Would she just appear as a normal cat to anyone else?

"Master! Master!"

I followed "Momo's" impatient voice through the house and to the kitchen. My house was small, barely larger than a studio apartment, and just a rental, but it had a nice spot in the Maine suburbs and gave me a yard and peace and quiet. Apparently, some people had died in it, so that and the size made it affordable for someone just a few years out of college, but I doubted a few ghosts were capable of turning my cat into a woman.

Momo was standing by the cabinet where I kept her food, stark naked. Her tail curled and writhed as she waited for me to feed her. I retrieved a can of food but stopped, unsure if I was doing the right thing. Was Momo a cat or a person? She looked human, but she still had her ears and tail. Should I still give her cat food? I would just have to wait and see how she felt. I looked over and saw her by her food bowl, crouching and staring at me. I was also unsure of having her food on the floor, but she seemed unconcerned.

I opened up the can of mush and poured it out, with Momo immediately diving for the bowl and slurping it up. I couldn't even see the bowl, her hair hung around it like a curtain. As she ate, my eyes moved back and forth across her naked body. Any man in my position would say he would immediately start having sex with this strange cat-girl hybrid. They'd change their tune if this situation actually happened to them. Her body was beautiful, but I was too stuffed with curiosity and anxiety to have any thoughts of sex. My pud was standing at attention, but my brain was elsewhere.

"Master, Momo is still hungry," she said, having finished her food. How like a cat to speak in the first person.

"Well, you're bigger now, so one can probably isn't enough to fill you up." I retrieved another can of food and crouched down beside her. "Here, see if you can open this up."

I gave her the can, and following her first instinct, she began biting it like a chew toy, trying to break it open. I was about to stop her when I saw ingenuity spark in her eyes. Whether it was the memory of watching me do it or her new humanoid brain, she found the ring on the top of the can and pulled it up, managing to get it open. She didn't even bother emptying it into her bowl, she simply ate the fishy pulp out of the can.

It wasn't until she had downed a third can that she was finally full. With a pot of coffee brewing, I sat down in the living room, having yet to even start my day but already exhausted beyond measure. Momo wordlessly climbed onto the couch and into my lap like she always would, rolling around to find the perfect spot. She was relaxing but I was tenser than ever. Jesus Christ, what was I supposed to do? I got this weird creature in my house and no clue how to deal with it. Is Momo an actual person now? Is she going to stay like this forever? Is she going to transform into something else altogether? How the hell am I supposed to take care of her?

My coffee was soon ready and I was able to finally relax with some breakfast. Whether cat or human, Momo had her nose close to my cereal bowl as she always would, and I had to push her back. Once I had eaten, my mind started to clear. Momo settled back down, resting her head on my lap. If only she knew that there was nothing but the fabric of my boxers separating my erect manhood from her cheek. Sighing, I began to rub the top of her head, listening to her purr.

"Momo, what is the last thing you remember before waking up?"

"Climbing into Master's bed and falling asleep."

"And were you a cat when you did that?"

"Isn't Momo a cat now?"

"Do you feel like a cat?"

"Not sure, feel different."

"Well when you came into my bed, were you smaller? Or were you the size you are now?"


"And you fell asleep?"


"And when you woke up, you were big."


"Did you feel anything when you were asleep?"


"How do you feel now?"

"Tired. Oh, right there, that's the spot."

My fingers had moved to the base of her ears, and she raised her head to get me to rub harder.

Well, not a lot of information there. I had no idea how this had happened or how to proceed. Should I tell someone about this? Who could possibly be trusted with this kind of information? I didn't want me and Momo to end up in the tabloids or some government lab. Should I just keep her hidden and hope things will sort themselves out? At least I had today to figure this-


Oh fuck no. Please, no. My phone, my fucking phone, why did it have to ring today of all days? There's only one person who could call me this early in the morning. Muttering curses, I answered.

"I need you to come in today," my boss said. "There was a computing error last night and now everything is screwed up."

"This is the THIRD time in the past month that you've called me in on my day off!"

"Yeah, well, that's how the world works."

"You know, they passed a law in France that makes it illegal for companies to harass their employees like this."

"Well here in America, the law says that if you don't get to your cubicle in the next thirty minutes, I can fire your ass. Don't make me call again."

My boss hung up before I could and I screamed the loudest "fuck" I could.

The sudden noise made Momo flinch and she looked up at me from the couch. "Master?"

"I… I need to go the office. Be good while I'm gone, don't make a mess, and stay away from the windows. Don't let anyone see you like this."

She leaned over and wrapped her arms around my waist. "Nooooo, stay home and pet Momo. Momo wants to cuddle with Master."

My heart skipped a beat. Jesus, that's some powerful stuff. I didn't know whether to pet her or throw her down and make love to her. I took a deep breath and made the correct choice. I rested my hand on the top of her head and rubbed her ears. "Sorry, but I got to go. If I don't work, I can't get food for you. Just be good and I'll come back and play with you."

"Ok, Momo will be good."

With the clock ticking, I cleaned myself up, got dressed, and was ready to go back to the fucking office. Standing by the door, I took one last look at Momo. I had left her plenty of water and she knew how to get food from the pantry so she would hopefully be ok. She was sprawled out on the couch like she would always be, not a care in the world. The difference now was that she had a cute ass that I couldn't help but stare at.


While I had originally cursed it, being back at work was helping me clear my head and served as a good distraction. I still had no idea what to do about Momo other than keep her inside as much as possible. If I bought her some clothes and a hat, maybe she could go outside. I still couldn't believe what was going on, that in the course of one night, my cat had spontaneously transformed into a human. Well, mostly human. How was this possible? I tried googling phenomena such as this, but all I found was hentai. Speaking of which, I was faced with the unavoidable ethical dilemma: is it wrong to fuck my cat? Technically she was a person now, and she has the body of a grown woman, but could it still be counted as bestiality if she still has the ears and tail? Plus, there was her mental age. She had the body of a woman, but her brain was incredibly childish. Sure, she was smart enough to talk and open cans of food, but you could probably teach a parrot to do the same thing. Would sex mean taking advantage of her? This was a question that would take time to answer.

On my way home, I stopped off at the local Goodwill and picked up some shirts and sweatpants for her. I didn't yet have the courage to get underwear. As I drove home, dread started to build. What if what I thought was Momo was actually some eccentric con artist that was really good with makeup? What if the mailman came by and saw Momo? What if she ended up chasing a fly and my house was a total wreck?!

I finally pulled into the driveway, finding no signs that cops or government scientists in HAZMAT suits had stopped by. Taking a deep breath, I unlocked the door and stepped inside. From what I could tell, the house seemed fine. There was no damage that I could see, nothing appeared broken.


"Master…" she groaned. I found her in the kitchen, lying on the floor. "Master, Momo doesn't feel so good…"


I rushed to her side, my mind immediately jumping to the worst-case scenario. Was she sick? Was this some weird side effect of her transformation? Who should I call, a doctor or a vet? It would have to be someone who could keep a secret…

It was then that I looked up to the counter and saw over half a dozen empty cans of cat food. My fear was replaced with annoyance. "Well of course you're sick! You ate too much of that crap!"

In response, she raised her head and threw up on the floor. Ugh, this fucking cat, I swear to Christ. With one arm under her knees and the other against her back, I hoisted up the naked and groggy… whatever she was. I had always wanted to carry a girl in the princess hold, but not like this. Not like this.

I brought her to the den and laid her out on the couch. "From now on, you eat what I eat, understand? No more cat food, or at least just a little of it."

"Masterrrrrrr, Momo doesn't feel good!" she whined.


With Momo suffering from a stomachache, I picked a very simple meal for her, just a rotisserie chicken and plain rice. I set out two plates on my tiny bachelor dinner table with my humanoid cat watching me from the couch with wide eyes.

"Ok, from now on, I want you to eat like a person. And first things first, you have to wear clothes at the table."

"Momo doesn't like the sound of that," she pouted.

"They'll help you stay warm. It's not like you have your fur anymore."

"But it's hot! Why does Momo have to wear clothes?"

'Because having a naked girl walking around my house is a lot more stressful than one might think.' "Because you're a person now and you need to act like one."

I pulled out one of the shirts that I had bought and brought it over to Momo. I managed to get it on her, but her expression told me that she was not enjoying it. I, on the other hand, was able to release my held breath once her tits were covered. Then came the sweatpants, which were much easier to put on her, though touching her bare legs sent a very powerful rush of blood to a particular area.

"Ok, how does that feel?"

Momo stood up and spun around as if chasing her tail. She blushed in frustration. "No! Momo hates this!"

'You know, you were a lot easier to deal with when you were just a silent fur ball.' I wanted to say it, but I bit my tongue. "Well I bought them for you so learn to deal with it."

Instead of fighting back, Momo blushed and covered her mouth as if embarrassed. "Master got them… for Momo?"

Ok, that was pretty damn cute. Was this how she had always felt? When I bought her toys before, would she get all flustered like this?

"Look, it's just during meals, then you can pull them off. Plus, I'll put a hole in the back of the pants for your tail to stick though. You're probably not comfortable with the waistband right under the base like that."

She gave a bright smile. "'Kay!"


I don't know why I bothered putting out a knife and fork for her, she didn't even acknowledge them. She had enough sense to imitate me and sit down before eating, but as soon as her butt touched the seat, she bowed her head and ate straight off her plate like an animal.

"You know, I'll let it slip tonight, but tomorrow, I'm going to teach you how to use a knife and fork."

"That's dumb. This is easier."

"It will make you look prettier."

"Momo's already perfect."

Yep, she's still a cat.

The moment her plate was clean, she sprung from her seat with a smile. "Yay! No clothes!"

She stripped down and my cock hardened at the sight of her bouncing breasts springing free of her shirt. Then she frolicked around the house leaving me to finish my dinner. By the time I was done, she was standing by the veranda door, looking anxiously outside and bouncing on her toes.

"Master, Momo wants to go out! Momo wants to go out!"

"It's too bright, someone will see you."

"But the yard is right there!"

"Listen, once it's dark out, I'll take you somewhere special."

"Ok…" she huffed.

I took my seat on the couch and turned on the TV. As she always would, Momo crawled into my lap and settled herself down. Once again, the presence of a naked girl was more stressful than relaxing.


At around 9:30, I deemed it late enough to risk letting Momo out. However, with neighbors nearby and the yard in full view, I couldn't let her wander around by the house. I would have to take her farther away.

"Ok, get your clothes on, we're going for a ride."

While a little while ago, she had seemed so eager to go outside, my words now terrified her. "A ride? You're not taking Momo to the vet, are you?!"

Her fear gave me a laugh, one that I sorely needed after this stressful day. "No, I'm not taking you to the vet. I'm taking you somewhere where you can wander around with lots of room. Put your clothes on, and when we get there, you can take them off."

With visions of shots and rectal thermometers making her growl, she put on her clothes. I checked outside to make sure the coast was clear and then brought her out to my car. I wanted to put the seatbelt on her, but with how tense she was, that restraint might tip her over the edge. We drove for a couple minutes with Momo continuing to growl, as this was the same route to the vet. Finally, I pulled in to the lot of the nearby park, a wide-open field surrounded by forest. There was no one else there; we had total freedom. It was summer, a beautiful night, more than warm enough for a certain cat girl to walk around naked.

I opened her door and she sprung out of the car, wary of any sign of an imminent checkup.

"It's fine, it's the park. You can take off your clothes if you like."

She finally relaxed and undressed. I think by now, I was starting to get used to seeing her naked, though her ass still looked fantastic, toned to match her womanly body, yet plump enough to invite you in. It was a beautiful night, warm with a slight breeze, smelling of grass and pine needles. The birds and bugs were chirping and chiming, and I was left wondering why I hadn't come here in so long.

First thing's first, it was mosquito season, so I had to cover us both in bug spray. Momo hissed from the vile smell, but it was for her own good. I had a flashlight with me, and carrying her clothes under my arm, I started down the path. Momo followed me, having no trouble being barefoot, and soon she began to branch out, exploring the area around us. I kept my light on her as much as I could, not wanting to risk losing her in the dark. She crept along through the grass and underbrush like a predator, sniffing out anything that caught her fancy. She often moved on all fours, seeming unaffected by her new body. Her tail acted depending on her mood, standing up straight and curling when she was curious or hanging down low when she followed the scent of an animal. It seemed she had natural night vision, and often, she would look back at me and her feline eyes would catch the light. Walking through the woods at night and seeing a naked humanoid figure with a pale body, flickering tail, large ears, and eyes glowing like two cigarettes is frankly a lot more terrifying than cute.

To be honest, after the day I had had, the strangest thing about this was that I was walking my cat. If my dog had suddenly turned into a naked girl, bringing her here wouldn't seem so weird. Soon enough, Momo and I circled back to the car and she put her clothes back on, blissfully fatigued. We returned home, but as soon as she stripped, I was able to see the effect of the walk.

"Jesus, you're filthy. I thought cats were supposed to be clean animals. It looks like you rolled around on the ground."

"Momo found some nice patches of warm soil. Momo will clean herself off."

Just as she was a regular cat, she started licking herself, trying to wash away the dirt and grime. This wasn't going to cut it; I was going to have to really bathe her. The question was if I would be able to control myself.

"Come on, let's get you into the shower."

Her ears perked up in confusion. "Huh? Shower?"

I brought her into the bathroom and turned the shower on. The loud hissing of the water made her jump back and hide behind me.

"Relax, it's just water." I wetted my hand and flicked some droplets at her, but that just made her more uncomfortable. Even with a new body, cats still didn't like getting wet. "Momo, you're going in there whether you like it or not."

"No! Momo doesn't want to!"

"If you don't do it, I won't let you on the furniture anymore."

"Well… will Master do it with Momo?"

That was something I had been hoping to avoid. For God's sake, Momo! I'm just a man! I don't do well with temptation!

"I can't, because then my clothes would get wet."

She scowled at me. "Then take them off!"

Crap, she was smarter than I thought. It seemed like I would have to bite the bullet.

"Ok, fine, but you don't get out until you're clean."

I took off my clothes, with Momo no longer being alone in the nude. But there was something she couldn't help but notice.

"What's that?" she asked, looking at my log, for truly, I had wood.

"Don't mind that. Just… don't." And of course, being a cat, she swatted it like it was a toy mouse. "Don't do that!" I barked, already suffering from blue balls.

I turned her around and pushed her into the shower. She fought against me, sticking to the nearby corner to avoid the water. I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her straight into the spray. Shrieking from the downpour, she turned around and pounced on me, wrapping her arms and legs around me.

"Uh, Momo? Do you think you could climb off me?"

I was in a precarious position, with Momo's slit resting on the shaft of my manhood and her melon breasts smooshed against my chest.

"No! Momo isn't letting go!"

Stuck with the situation, I decided to make due and step into the full spray of the shower, pretty much dragging her down with me. She winced and tightened her hold, feeling the hot water pouring down on her, but once her body was completely soaked, she began to relax. While her arms remained locked around my neck, she released her legs and stepped down. But that just made the situation worse, as now my manhood was gripped in her thigh gap and the feeling was almost more than I could handle.

"Momo, I really need you to let go!"


I tried pushing her off but her arms remained firm. I could only manage to push her back a few inches before she would close the gap, with my manhood sliding back and forth across her labia. She continued to squirm, her every movement increasing the intensity of what I was feeling. I had enough self-control not to commit the taboo, but I had to act to relieve the pressure. Hoping Momo would forgive me, I began thrusting forward between her legs, rubbing my equipment against hers rather than actually penetrating her.

Momo began to blush, getting the same intense feelings as I was. "Master, what are you- oh! Master, that tickles!"

Her tail writhed and curled, her ears twitched nonstop, and she panted in arousal as we both approached climax. I achieved it first, a much-needed orgasm that sent semen shooting through the air and splattering the wall behind Momo. She hadn't yet experienced her own orgasm, but her hold on me weakened enough for me to finally break free of her grip and separate the two of us. Selfish as it was, it would probably be better if Momo didn't know what an orgasm was.

"Ok, first, let's wash your hair. I don't have any girl shampoo, but mine should work just fine."

I poured a puddle of Head & Shoulders into my hand and then started rubbing it into her scalp. Her eyes closed and she immediately began purring with a smile on her face. The more I lathered her hair, the more pleasure she seemed to feel. In a way, it looked like she would collapse any moment, falling asleep like a child having her hair brushed. She especially loved it when I toyed with her ears, and I got a kick out of it as well. I turned her black hair into a pile of white foam and had her step out of the water.

"We'll leave that to set for a couple minutes. Now it's time to clean your body. See that white block right there? Take that and use it to wash yourself."

She cocked her head to one side. "Huh?"

"Take it and rub against yourself. Think of it as like a tongue."

She picked up the soap, surprised by how slippery it was. "Can Master do it?" she asked.

"You mean show you on myself?"

"No, can Master wash Momo?"

After that first orgasm, I had lost a lot of pressure, but a large twitch moved through my dick.

"It would be better if you did it."

Her ears dropped and she looked back at the bar of soap. She began dabbing herself with the end, giving small sweeps with it like she was using a paintbrush. At the rate she was going, we would be in the shower all night.

"Ok, fine, but only this once. After this, you do it yourself."

I took the bar of soap from her and began scrubbing her arms. When she was an actual cat, having her legs touched normally made her shy away, but now she was actually purring from it, and again when I washed her belly, always with my eyes on her soft skin. I avoided her pelvic region altogether, both front and back. I didn't want to open that Pandora's Box. But when I put down the bar of soap, her ears perked up.

"Master, you haven't washed Momo here."

She was pointing to her breasts, which were, in turn, pointing up at me. They were beautiful, large enough to bounce with every movement she made, with quarter-sized areolas and bright pink nipples. I desperately wanted to touch them, but it was for that reason that I had avoided them. But Momo wouldn't take no for an answer.

"All right, turn around." She turned her back to me and I soaped up my hands and took a deep breath. "Here we go."

I reached around her and cupped her breasts. Her ears perked and a shiver crawled up her spine, but the sound she made was one of bliss. I began massaging the soft mountains, rolling them around in my hands and thoroughly lathering them. They fit in my palms perfectly, but no matter how hard I tried, they slipped out of my hands every time I squeezed. I couldn't help but toy with her nipples, making her both purr and whimper from the sensation.

"Master…" she cooed as her tail twisted like a snake.

Her reaction wasn't helping to calm my erection, which was now pressed against her ass. At last, I was able to pull myself away, but Momo wasn't done yet. She turned to me, blushing and unable to look me in the eye.

"Master, while you were rubbing Momo's chest, this part of felt weird," she murmured, framing her slit with her hands. "Can you wash it too?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat. "No. That, you'll have to do yoursel-"

Once again, she refused my refusal and threw herself at me. She clung to my arm, grinding against it with my hand between her legs. Instinctively I flexed my fingers, moving them across her labia. That was clearly what she wanted, as along with a purr, she released a continuous whine, soft and sweet, almost a wince. The look on her face was adorable beyond words, a form of anguish composed of pure ecstasy, cheeks flushed, eyes trembling, her tongue wetting her soft lips. My self-control was unable to reach my arm and I continued to pleasure her, stroking her lips with my soapy fingers, playing her like a piano. But as her voice continued to escalate, I knew I was playing with fire. If Momo achieved an orgasm because of me, it would screw up everything.

Thinking fast, I pulled her back into the water, interrupting her bliss with a pouring rinse. She hissed and pulled away, screwing her eyes shut to keep the shampoo out. I managed to get a hold of her and wash the soap out of her hair. I swept across her body, wanting to get her out of the shower as soon as possible. As soon as she was clean, I pulled her out and gave her a towel.

"Here, dry yourself off with this and go to bed. I'll come out in a couple minutes."

Once she left, I stepped back into the shower and turned it to the cold setting. I needed to get this swelling down before I had a heart attack.


More exhausted than I had been in a long time, I stepped out of the bathroom and looked at my bed like it was the love of my life. Momo was nowhere to be seen, probably passed out in the living room on the couch. Oh God, I just wanted to sleep. I went around the house, turning off all the lights, but I couldn't find Momo, meaning there was only one place she could be. I returned to my bed and lifted the blankets, finding her curled up in the sheets. A big part of me wanted to kick her out, but when she looked up at me and smiled, I just couldn't do it.

"Move over."

She did as I told her and I climbed into bed. As soon as I was under the blanket, Momo grasped my arm and pressed herself against me. Great, so much for the cold shower.

"Today was really fun, wasn't it, Master?"

"Yeah, I guess it was." The day had been stressful beyond words, but sure, it was fun as well.

"Good, Momo loves Master. Goodnight."

I smiled and rubbed her wet head, again making her purr. "And Master loves Momo," I said.


Wearing her sweatpants and a t-shirt. Momo sat at my kitchen table with a bowl of cereal in front of her. She was clenching a spoon in her fist the way a child would, having a hard time getting the food to her mouth. She was not enjoying it in the least.

"Master, this is too hard. Can Momo please go back to eating on the floor without hands?"

"I'm having you do this because I want you to act like a person," I said from the other side of the table.

"But Momo is a cat."

I sighed. "Tell you what, once you master silverware, if you really want to, you can go back to eating out of your bowl."

"Can Momo not wear clothes?"

"Fine, go ahead. But if I ever tell you to get dressed and eat at the table, you got to do what I say. Deal?"


Today was Sunday, a much needed day off. My boss hadn't called me in yet, but I refused to answer him even if he tried. I needed a day to rest, some time to stay at home and figure things out. I had slept very well, considering I had a naked girl clinging to me like moss, but maybe it was because of her that the night zipped by.

But the problem came when I woke up. I was on my back with Momo pinning my arm, somehow keeping it bent so that my hand was cupping a warm breast. Hello, morning wood. She woke up as I began to stir and rolled over, telling me she was hungry. Her morning breath was atrocious, to say the least. Her mouth was completely unwashed and I could still smell all the cat food she had eaten the previous day. My mission was clear: I had to teach Momo to brush her teeth.

Once she had finished her breakfast and stripped free of her hated clothes, I brought her into the bathroom and sat her down.

"Master, what are we doing? Momo doesn't have to take another shower, right?"

"Well considering that it's summer, you'll probably have to take one every night to wash off the sweat and bug spray from our walks. But right now, I'm going to teach you how to brush your teeth."

"Brush my teeth?"

"I'm sure you've seen me do it before. You take a small brush and scrape it against your teeth. You need to do it twice a day or they'll rot and I'll have to yank them out."

Her hair stood on end at the warning. Let's face it, it's not like I could take my transformed cat to the dentist. If anything happened to her teeth, I would have to take care of it the old-fashioned way, with a glass of whiskey and a pair of pliers. I had to hope it would never come to that.

"Will Master do it to Momo?"

I expected her to ask that.

"Only the first time so that you'll know what it's supposed to feel like. Afterwards, you do it yourself. Remember, twice a day." Momo remained sitting on the floor and I retrieved an extra toothbrush and a half-filled tube of paste from the medicine cabinet behind my mirror. "You start by wetting the toothbrush in the sink, putting some toothpaste on it, and wetting it again." I showed her how to do it and crouched down, putting one hand on the back of her neck in case she tried to pull away. "Then you go through every corner of your mouth, thoroughly scrubbing every surface of every tooth."

I brought the brush to Momo's lips and she nervously opened her mouth, having no idea what this would feel like. The moment I started brushing her teeth, a tremor ran through her. She squirmed with every touch of the bristles on the soft tissue of her gums and tongue and she gave a garbled whine. Her face was moving as much as her body, showing an almost pained expression but with her cheeks flushed as if in embarrassment. It took more and more effort for me to reach each tooth, the growing force I used making her react more and more, but I was always careful not to hurt her or agitate her gag reflex.

The longer I brushed her teeth, the more I noticed something. This was sexy as fuck! The way she was writhing, that look on her face, it was like she was using a high-powered vibrator for the first time in her life and couldn't handle the sensations! Her breasts jiggled like water balloons and she was rubbing her thighs together as if she was taunting me. And the almost phallic object swirling around in her mouth while white liquid dripped from her lips, why was this making me so hard?! I had once again become painfully erect, inflicting onto Momo what looked like nothing short of sexual anguish.

A friend of mine once mentioned seeing something just like this in an anime. I had just ignored him, not being into that cartoon shit and unable to understand how dental hygiene could possibly be made sexy. Acting out that exact scene, I had to wonder what the fuck kind of anime was he watching?!

Finally, I pulled away the toothbrush and Momo spit out a mouthful of minty foam, letting the white liquid run down her chin and drip onto her breasts. I'll be honest, I ejaculated a little when she did that. After waiting for my body to calm down, I got Momo to her feet and had her spit out the last of the foam into the sink. I then cleaned her off, again watching her breasts jiggle as I wiped them with a tissue. Momo stared at herself in the mirror, panting and blushing.

"So how was that? I wasn't too rough on you, was I?"

"Momo… might need Master's help. Can Master brush Momo's teeth again tonight?"


"No… sorry. You, uh… you only get one. How about you go take a nap on the couch, I uh… need to take care of something in here."


Just a few minutes after pushing Momo out of the bathroom, I opened the door, taking a grateful breath of air. My legs were shaky, my tank was empty, and my body was flushed with endorphins. Speaking of flushed, at least a shot glass's worth of my little soldiers were on their way to a watery grave. Sorry, boys. I stepped into the living room and looked around, not seeing Momo. I found her soon enough at the veranda door… where I happened to keep her litter box. Seeing her squatting over the tiny sandbox, my mind seemingly went blank for a moment, as if to protect itself from the horrible realization that came just a second later.

I'm going to have to toilet-train my cat.

Well, it's a good thing I rubbed one out beforehand, because I might not be able to look at her the same way for a while. I took another deep breath, trying to work up the courage I desperately needed.

"Momo, before you go in your box, can you come back into the bathroom, please? There's one more thing I have to teach you."


Momo was huddled on the couch in the fetal position, wearing clothes by choice for the first time. I expected no less. Showering with her had been easy compared to… *shudder* teaching her to use the toilet. Considering the way she had straddled my hand the previous night, teaching her to clean up the front was no problem. But when it came to the back, well, it was just like when the vet would take her temperature. She had hissed at me, refused to look at me, and even swatted at me a few times. The one brief moment we made eye contact, her face was flushed with rage and humiliation.

She didn't talk to me for the rest of the day. I gave her dinner on the floor the way she liked, but she wouldn't eat it until I left the kitchen. She didn't want to go to the park like she did the night before and I knew better than to push my luck with another shower. With Momo spending the night on my couch rather than in my bed, I was starting to get worried about our relationship. Hopefully things would be better in the morning.


I woke up with Momo once again on top of me, but like the morning before, we were both under the covers. She was using me like a mattress, her bare back against my chest and my manhood pressed against her ass, with nothing but the fabric of my boxers preventing penetration. This was a good sign. The fact that she had climbed into my bed last night showed that she had forgiven me for the toilet training. If the lessons stuck, we could put that chapter behind us

Since today was a workday, it was my alarm that woke me up. The harsh ringing made Momo stir and she slowly rolled over so that our chests were pressed together. She gave a wide yawn and blinked her sleepiness away.

"Good morning, Momo."

"Mornin', Master."

"Ready for breakfast?"


She then sat up, straddling my lap, and with a yawn and stretch, her breasts were pushed out as if on display. This combined with my natural morning wood into something Momo could not ignore, as it was grinding against her the same way it had in the shower.

"Master, your thing is hard again."

"Yeah, uh… just ignore it."

Rather than do what I told her, Momo pulled down my boxers, showing my erection laid out on my stomach like a fallen log. She started batting it around with her hands, the way she would a toy. A wide smile crossed her face as she watched it bounce and swing from side to side.

"Momo, stop!"

Once again, she seemed not to hear me. She grabbed my dick with her hands and started rolling it in her grip. She was completely immersed in her new plaything, and I was unable to stop her, my strength failing as I received a handjob from my cat. My orgasm was almost immediate, a result of all the tension that had built up these past few days, regardless of the load I had emptied yesterday. The sight of semen on my stomach and the softening of my penis piqued Momo's curiosity. She lowered her head, her nose twitching.

"Momo knows this smell. The trash bin next to Master's bed always smells like it."

Then, before I could stop her, she opened her mouth and licked up the white puddle on my stomach. Definitely a stroke of luck, Momo's feline tongue didn't stay with her when she transformed into a person. The sight of my semen on her tongue horrified me, but she rolled it around in her mouth and smiled.


Are you serious? She actually likes the taste of semen? It must be all the salt, I had heard somewhere that cats really like salt.

"Momo wants more!"

She again lowered her head, licking up every remaining drop like it was chocolate syrup, and of course, it led to her taking my penis in her mouth. It had been a long time since I received a blowjob, and of course, it felt amazing… for the first few seconds before she thought to bite down.


I cooked Momo's breakfast, wincing in both pain and guilt, pain for the scrape I had received on my shaft from Momo's teeth, and guilt that I had let my innocent little kitty give me a handjob and then suck me off. What kind of a person am I?! For fuck's sake, she's not some nymphomaniac that's been around the block, she has no idea what any of this is! She may have the body of a woman, but her mind is like a little kid's! This is borderline molestation!

But it was strange, though. Momo seemed to have no sexual instincts, or at least no instincts as to what sex meant. All animals knew how to have sex; it just came naturally, though not so for humans. Regular monkeys can automatically procreate, but humans need "the talk" or to take Sex Ed, or at least see some animals doing it to make the connection. Momo really was like a human child; she appeared to be discovering this all on her own, figuring out what was pleasurable without knowing the purpose or value. Weird, that certain human and feline traits would remain or be replaced.

That got me wondering as to what else she knew or didn't know. She could speak, and seemed much more intelligent than in her feline form, not to mention that she seemed to understand many things. It wasn't just like her cat brain had been scooped out of her skull and plopped into this new human vessel; there was clear psychological growth. Was she just repeating everything she had seen and heard from me and whatever TV shows I happened to be watching with her? Or did her knowledge come from somewhere else?

Momo was waiting by her food bowl, crouched down and staring at me. "Master!" she whined for the umpteenth time, no different from the constant meowing she used to do up until I gave her cat food.

"Settle down, it's here."

I bent down and tipped a frying pan over her bowl, pouring in some eggs and a couple sausages. Funny that she was eating better than me, considering that I was just having cereal. Momo dove down and began gobbling it up. I watched her as she ate, my eyes following every inch of her naked body, counting the bumps of her spine. Now that I thought about it, there was something sexy about a naked woman eating off the floor. I mean, technically, anything a woman does naked is sexy, but in this case, it made me think back to the BDSM porn videos I had watched. Add in the fact that she called me "Master", and you had some good kink material.

My dick began to harden, making my scrape sting. I had to force my erection down with pure will so that the cut wouldn't be stretched out. The scrape was slight, it would heal by the end of the day, but in that area, everything hurts with ten times the severity. What was I thinking? I couldn't do that to her. She trusted me to care for her and I couldn't take advantage of that trust. Besides, like I had said before, she clearly wasn't mature enough for something like sex. I would have to ignore temptation and try to make sure her curiosity didn't cost her innocence.

"Thank you for the food, Master," she said, sitting up and licking the egg grease off her lips.

"I'm glad you liked it. Now, go wash your face and brush your teeth. I need to get ready for work."

With Momo taken care of, I was able to get in a quick breakfast and shower. I was feeling much better than I had on Saturday, as I was now used to the situation. As long as Momo behaved, I had nothing to worry about.

"Momo, I'm off to work. Momo?"

I stood by the front door, expecting Momo to see me off. She wasn't in the living room or kitchen. I found her back in bed, snuggled up in blankets. Yep, still just a cat. Smiling, I sat down on the edge of the bed and rubbed her ears.

"I'll see you later," I said.

"Ok, bye-bye Master," she yawned.


Hours passed, and finally, Momo opened her eyes. She had slept half the day away, but for some reason, she couldn't stay asleep. As a cat, she normally spent most of her life sleeping, but this new human body didn't function the same way. It also didn't help that she was hungry. Giving a wide yawn, Momo got out of bed and went into the kitchen. There, she made herself a cat food sandwich, having learned the process of putting food between bread through observation.

Afterwards, nature called and she made her way to the bathroom. She would much rather simply use her litter box, but it had been made clear that she could only use the toilet from now on. She shuddered as she remembered the lesson. She loved being touched, especially between the legs, but not that other spot, never that spot. Hopefully, if she did it right, she wouldn't have to be taught again. And of course, she was taught her to wash her hands afterward. Even she understood the reasoning behind that.

Now with all of her physical needs met, she decided to wander the house and look for anything interesting. She was glad to have hands, now able to actually pick up things and touch them, rather than just smell them. Most of the electronics made no sense to her, regardless of all the times she had seen them used. Soon enough, just looking around became boring and Momo lied down on the couch.

She had no idea what to do with herself. Maybe if she could go outside, she would feel better, but she wasn't even allowed near the windows. She wished she could feel that familiar warm hand on her ears. And her tail. And her chest. And come to think of it, she really wanted to be touched in that other place, the one between her legs. In her first shower, she remembered that thing rubbing against her spot, and that felt really good,

Would it feel good if she rubbed it?

Bored and curious, she slid her hand down her flat belly and let her fingers find her slit. Just that initial touch was enough to make her purr, telling her that she was on to something good. She traced the petals of her virgin flower with her fingertips, feeling that gentle touch reverberate through her lower body. It was like a tickle, one that didn't make her laugh but instead made her feel warm. She did this for a couple minutes, letting herself get used to the sensation. Her breath fluttering, she pushed it further and moved her finger between the lips, stroking the pink interior. She could feel herself becoming wet, her body reacting to the stimulation.

She thought back to what had been done to her in the shower and she slid her fingers into her velvet sleeve and stirred them, whining in bliss. She began moving them back and forth, her fingers sliding effortlessly through her. Her fluttering breaths became deep pants, with her muscles expanding and contracting and making her writhe and stretch.

She couldn't help it; she needed more. She inserted her index finger as well, while her left hand struggled to find something to grab onto. At first, she clutched her shoulder, then her arm, but at last settled by grasping her breast. She experimentally gave her nipple a soft pinch and gasped, feeling as if a bolt of lightning was stretching between the soft nub and her slit. Her whole body was becoming tense and hyper, like Restless Leg Syndrome. She started arching her back and then curling up, her voice beginning to slip free between her frantic pants.

Waves of euphoria, indescribable to her innocent soul, submerged her body in a hot bath while billions of tiny massage therapists gave every muscle a deep rubdown. Her voice slipped free, a single moan echoing through the house, while she could feel drops of her arousal splattering against her palm. Soon, the bliss ended, and she was left gasping for air with her chest heaving. Looks like she found something to occupy her time.


I got out of my car and sighed in happiness. This had been a long day and work had been especially rough. I climbed up the front steps and unlocked my door, but stopped when a noise reached my ears. It sounded like a cat crying out, as if in a fight. My heartbeat skyrocketing in fear, I wrenched open the door and my jaw hung slack.

With the living room couch directly in line with the front door, I found myself staring at Momo's peachy ass, raised in the air. Her tail had taken the shape of a question mark, flipping back and forth, and between her legs, her fingers were working frantically.


Her face pressed down against the couch, Momo cried out in happiness the way only a cat could, and from her pussy, a splash of clear fluid soaked her hand. I stood in shock, unable to believe what I had just seen. After everything I had been tempted with, why was I now forced to witness this? Did she even realize how hard she was making this for me?!

Noticing me standing there, Momo turned around and smiled, feeling no shame for what I had just seen her do. "Hi, Master! Momo had a fun day and learned a new trick! And look! Momo has been doing it so long that her fingers are wrinkly!"

I didn't answer her. I couldn't answer.

"Huh? Master? Is something wrong?"

Finally, I released a scream of frustration and sprinted past her, zooming into the bathroom and locking the door behind me. Just like Momo, I decided to have my own wank-athon.


Dear, my cat recently transformed into a human-feline hybrid and now she won't stop masturbating. Please help.

I was tempted to put it online, I really was. After a long day of work, I had arrived home, hoping to have a peaceful evening. Instead, I found myself sitting on my couch, Momo's head on my lap, and her hands busy. I had immediately told her to stop, but she would not obey. Having transformed into a person, her obedience was well beyond a normal cat's, but she still only listened to about half the things I told her to do.

It had now almost become a game. I would tell her to stop flicking her bean, and for a few minutes, she would. Then she would slowly resume, seeing how long she could keep it going before I again told her to stop. Was she doing it just to annoy me?

"Momo, enough," I said, taking a rolled-up newspaper and swatting her on the head.

"But it's so much fun!"

"I don't care, I don't want you to do it around me. I don't do it around you, do I?"

"Huh? You do it too?"

Oh crap.

A wide smile on her face, Momo rolled over and bolted up onto her hands and knees. "That's great! Master and Momo can do it together! Momo can even help you and you can help Momo, just like when we were in the shower!"

"No! We absolutely cannot do it together!"

"Why not?"

"Because it's wrong."

Her ears drooped. "Why is it wrong?"

"Because you're my cat. Men aren't supposed to do that kind of thing with their cat. You may be bigger now, but it's still wrong. Besides, you don't understand what you're doing or what you're asking."

She leaned forward, her hands on my thighs, the way she used to when I had a plate of food in my lap, but this time, her attention was focused on me, our faces inches apart.

"Then explain it so that Momo can understand. Momo just wants to play with Master."

A part of me did want to explain it. A part of me did want to do those things with Momo. But there was a line that we could not cross, and if we did, we could never go back. Momo might not understand sex, but I knew she would never again see me the same way, nor would I see her. Momo was an innocent creature, a living miracle, and I didn't want to corrupt her.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her back. "I'm going to get dinner started."


Like her breakfast, Momo ate her dinner out of her food bowl on the floor, and afterward, we waited for it to get dark enough to go to the park. It was a quiet evening walk, Momo staying by my side rather than roaming around me. Walking my cat… that still stands out to me as being one of the weirdest aspects of this whole situation.

I soon began to wonder if Momo was mad at me and giving me the silent treatment. She walked next to me at the park but didn't say anything, and at home, she had her head in my lap, but didn't purr when I rubbed her ears. Later that night, I was in bed, reading the news on my phone. I heard Momo in the bathroom spit out a mouthful of foam. Good girl, brushing her teeth without asking. She came out of the bathroom, rubbing her wet hair with a towel to dry off from the shower she had just taken.

She circled to the other side of the bed and climbed under the covers, but didn't cuddle up with me the way she usually would.

"Goodnight, Momo," I said, hoping for some kind of response.

I looked at her back, enduring the silent seconds trudging by.

"Goodnight, Master," she murmured before pulling the blanket over her head.



I woke up with a snort, feeling Momo lying on my chest. It was still dark out, but my eyes had adjusted. Momo sat up, straddling my lap with her eyes catching the dim light like gems.

"Momo? What is it? What's wrong?"

"Momo wants to play with Master."

I dropped my head back. How like a cat to suddenly want to run around the house at 3:00 in the morning.

"Momo, it's too late for that. Go to sleep. We'll play tomorrow."

"Master doesn't need to worry about Momo."

My eyes, which I had closed in resignation, opened back up and I looked at her. "What?"

"Master doesn't need to worry about Momo. Momo will be fine with whatever Master wants. Momo knows Master wants to play, but doesn't know why he won't. Momo wants Master to be happy."

She then leaned down, her obsidian hair slipping across my chest like paint brushes, and her lips met mine. The kiss lasted only for a few moments before she sat back up.

"Where did you learn to do that?"

"Momo always watches TV with Master. Isn't that something that people do when they love each other?"

She then grasped my hand and placed it on her breast. It felt so warm, almost like a giant ember, but felt as smooth and soft as a water balloon.

"Master, please touch Momo. And let Momo touch Master." Her other hand fell to my boxers, and she pulled them away to reveal my erect cock. "Momo knows it feels good for Master when his thing is touched." She then rubbed her slit, already wet with arousal. "And it feels really good when Master touches Momo here. There might be a way we can both feel really good."

She raised herself up, still keeping one of my hands on her breast while using her free hand to stand my cock vertical. The head met her lips, about to enter her.

"Momo, stop. I'm your Master and I'm telling you to stop."

"No, Momo is going to make Master feel good."

I could have stopped her then, I should have stopped her then. With my free arm, I could have pushed her off me, but I didn't. I simply released my held breath as Momo lowered herself down, allowing me to penetrate her.


She winced from the insertion and I could feel her virgin blood running down my balls.

"Damn it, that's why I wanted you to stop. It hurts, doesn't it?"

She stubbornly shook her head as stinging tears budded from her eyes. She raised herself back up and then dropped down, and this time, her eyelids fluttered from the feeling of my manhood inside her. She started to move, the soreness of her deflowering now disappearing. She smiled, getting the hang of what she was doing and bobbing on my cock. It had been a long time since I had been with a woman, and Momo's valley felt spectacular, soft and warm, and oh so wet. I watched her bounce, her full breasts heaving every time she raised her body, her ears twitching with every stir of my cock, her tail writhing like a snake having a seizure. Rather than a moan, she was releasing a strange noise, that sort of feline cry you'd normally hear when they're in a fight or getting manhandled at the vet, that sort of mix between a hiss and a meow.

"Master, this feels so good! Your thing is so deep inside Momo! It's driving Momo crazy!"

She was getting more ravenous, shifting her bodyweight back and forth and changing position, riding me in every way she could think of. Well, it was too late to back out now. I might as well prove myself as her Master. I reached out and grabbed her by the ass, raising it in the air and giving me some room to maneuver. Harnessing the mattress springs beneath me, I began thrusting up like an oil drill, hammering Momo's pussy (lol, "pussy") as hard as I could. No longer being in control, Momo's power drill whine increased in volume, but the look on her face told me she was in ecstasy. She leaned over, smiling like a stoner, eyes watering, happy as could be. I smiled as well and kissed her, taking the opportunity to teach her how to properly make out.

While I fucked her, our tongues danced between our joined lips, parting only for the brief milliseconds when her body would rise up off my cock. I kept my hands on her ass, maintaining a firm hold for me to control her. But the longer I gripped her cheeks, the more I began to ponder something. An idea forming, I released one hand and grasped Momo's tail. In that instant, her whole body locked up. She normally liked it when I played with her tail, but not when I squeezed it. Not wanting to ruin our rhythm, I moved my hand along her tail, stroking it.

"M-Master…!" she whined.

I reached the end of her tail and began toying with it, rubbing the very tip between my fingers. The more I teased her, the more she trembled, her voice giving way.

"Masteeeeer! It's not fair for you to touch Momo there! Momo's tail is really sensitive! Momo's gonna… gonna… ROOOOOOOWR!"

She sat up, clutching herself as she squirted like a fountain. I got soaked, but if anything, it turned me on even more. Besides, now I knew her best erogenous zone. With Momo's strength drained by her orgasm, I decided it was time to switch positions. I grabbed her legs and sat myself up, sending Momo falling onto her back. With her legs in the air, I was now thrusting straight down, dropping my weight with each plunge.

Momo had lost her original confidence. Rather than looking like a ravenous beast, she looked like a shy maiden, hiding her mouth with her hands and blushing in embarrassment, but she was still giving that whine of pleasure, and I was ready to stop any time if she wanted me to. Damn, she was just too adorable. How the hell had I been able to resist her for so long? Her ears and tail made her seem fragile and mystical, but her body was perfect for fucking, basically the body of a porn star.

Soon enough, though, I could feel my end approaching. I had already masturbated several times since coming home, but I had been given enough time for my body to reload. All the muscles in my pelvis were tightening up and I was getting dizzy, just a little bit longer!

"Master! It's happening again!"

Momo released another cry of euphoria, her voice acting like a starter's pistol and letting me flood her womb with my seed. Man, am I glad I got her fixed. I pulled out of her and fell back, my body drained of both energy and semen. Momo sat up, smiling and purring. She crawled over and gave me a gentle kiss.

"That was so much fun! Will Master play with Momo again?"

"You bet I will. You're my sweet little sex kitten."

Momo then settled down on top of me and I pulled the covers over us. With our naked bodies pressed together, Momo's purring was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.

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